BMW Remote starter System (F30)
  • BMW Remote starter System (F30)
  • BMW Remote starter System (F30)

BMW Remote starter System (F30)


Remote starter for your BMW !

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Add-on keys

BMW F Series Key replacement (classic)

BMW F Series Key replacement (classic)


Remote starter for your BMW or Mini !

Features :

  • Remote disarm/unlock/lock control
  • Start & stop the engine
  • Heated seats activation (driver& passenger)
  • Selectable runtimes of 3, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes
  • Minimum fuel required to allow remote start
  • Steering wheel control of the features
  • Optional smartphone app to control the remote starter (Drone X1R with LTE)
  • Optional long range 2 ways remotes
  • Easy Firmware update by SD card
  • Compatible with keyless entry and comfort access
  • Safety system disable the engine if any door is opened
  • Adjustable run time (3 to 45 minutes)
  • 2 Year warranty

As part of the installation, our technicans can program an add-on key so you keep your 2 original BMW keys.


  • Automatic transmission only
  • 1 extra key is used by the system.

Due to the complexity and safety aspects of this system, the starter is only sold installed by our technicians. Call us to schedule an appointment and have a system installed !

See the attached PDF for compatibility


Data sheet

Remote starter

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