BMW N55 EWG Performance ECU reflash
  • BMW N55 EWG Performance ECU reflash
  • BMW N55 EWG Performance ECU reflash

BMW N55 EWG Performance ECU reflash


High Performance software for the BMW N55 engine with the EWG turbo.

Tuning Type: Stage 1
Exhaust Burbles: Stock


Flashing Device

BimmerFlash Tablet

BimmerFlash Tablet

$310.00 Customize

Stock Specs: 306hp / 298b-ft

Stage 1 : 375HP/380LB-FT

Stage 2 : 410HP/400LB-FT

Stage 3(Hybrid turbo)* : 450HP++


  • Speed limiter increased
  • Performance tested under various typical rigorous Canadian weather conditions
  • Original drive modes (Sport/dynamic..) retained
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Will not trigger any undesired check or warning
  • OE Engine safety logic preserved


  • Your original ecu data is backed-up in our servers
  • Flashed thru the OBD port of the car in minutes

Requirements :

Stage 1:

  • None

Stage 2:

  • High Flow Downpipe
  • Intake and intercooler recommended but not required.

Stage 3:

  • Stage 2 requirements
  • Upgraded Inlets
  • Upgraded intercooler
***Speed limited can be left to the original setting at your discretion

Data sheet

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