BMW E Series Key Fob replacement
  • BMW E Series Key Fob replacement

BMW E Series Key Fob replacement


Get a new key for your BMW E series

Key type: Without Comfort Access (base)

Have you lost or damaged a key ? The sealed battery no longer recharge ?

These keys will bring back the piece of mind of having a working spare

The key must be programmed on site or when your CAS module is at our shop for service.

Upon checking out you will receive the instructions to ship the parts to our repair workshop.
Return shipping is billed at the same moment. You are responsible for mailing the parts to us. Local customers can also elect to deposit and pickup their repaired parts once the repairs are complete, just select ‘’Bimmerpro pickup in store’’ as the shipping method.
To proceed with the repairs, the following components from your car will be required:

·         1 Working key

·         CAS module

Our knowledgebase has the instruction to remove those components from your car should you need them.
Module removal instructions guides


Data sheet

OE Part number
66129268486, 66122296932, 66120413694, 66120397727, 66120392213, 66126986583, 66120413690, 66120397731, 66120392209
ECU & Modules

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