BMW iDrive MGU Headunit replacement


Repair & Recovery service for a broken MGU unit. We can repair or replace a MGU unit.

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We're coming out with a ground breaking new service !

A new MGU headunit cost upward of 6000$

BimmerPro comes to your rescue by offering you a solution to use a 2nd hand unit and save a lot.

Currently, you must mail your failed unit for service along a matching part number replacement unit, or send in your unit and pick a replacement from our inventory.

The replacement head unit with be pre-programmed with your VIN and all the software activation from BMW, and will offer a true plug and play solution !

You must type the vin in the field before adding the service to the cart.

The headunits will also come pre-programmed for the immobilizer system.

BEWARE ! Do not plug a used head before we have prepared it for your unique VIN to a working car... the immobilizer will kick in and the car will be impossible to move unless towed to BMW with a working iDrive to be reactivated.


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