FRM3 FRM Footwell module repair
  • FRM3 FRM Footwell module repair
  • FRM3 FRM Footwell module repair

FRM3 FRM Footwell module repair


FRM3 Repair service


When the FRM module fails, the symptoms are usually that there is no control over the lights anymore and the windows become unresponsive.
Workshop scan tools will fail to connect to the module. It can be caused by a worn out battery, shorts in the wiring or a failed coding/programming attempt.

With this service, we repair the corrupted data in the module as well as implementing a special firmware update to prevent the issue from happening again.

The FRM is a critical part of the car architecture as it contains the Vehicle Order, which is the configuration of your vehicle used by shop equipment to reprogram all the other modules with the proper options. Due to the extensive variations in equipments, replacement with a used unit is not recommended and not always feasible.

Upon checking out you will receive the instructions to ship the parts to our repair workshop.
Return shipping is billed at the same moment. You are responsible for mailing the parts to us. Local customers can also elect to drop their module and pickup their repaired parts once the repairs are complete, just select ‘’Bimmerpro pickup in store’’ as the shipping method. Upon reception of your defective module, it will be thoroughly inspected. If it is damaged beyond repair, there is no charge and the module will be returned.

Repaired FRM modules carry a 1 year warranty. Water ingress damage is not covered.


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