Bimmerpro Supra EDC Delete
  • Bimmerpro Supra EDC Delete

Bimmerpro Supra EDC Delete


Forget those unreliable EDC delete wiring kits for your coilovers. BimmerPro offer a true non-EDC conversion software for your supra

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Bimmerpro ENET cable

Bimmerpro ENET cable


Software conversion to disable EDC errors due to replaced shocks with non-adaptive shocks (Toyota option S2VFA)

We will remotely connect to your car and disable the EDC system by reprogramming.
Offered to all F and G series vehicles (including the Mk5 toyota supra) as long as you have an ENET cable, and offered for E series vehicles if you have a BMW ICOM interface or a USB K-D Can cable.


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