BimmerPro S55 & S63TU performance drop-in Air filter
  • BimmerPro S55 & S63TU performance drop-in Air filter
  • BimmerPro S55 & S63TU performance drop-in Air filter

BimmerPro S55 & S63TU performance drop-in Air filter


High flow air intake filters set (2x) for the S55 & S63TU engine.

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Introducing the best drop in air filter element on the market!

It shares the same technology used in many motorsports fields, such as World Rally Championship cars and used by Formula1 teams.

The 3-layer foam provides superior air flow than OE paper filters AND performance gauze filters. Designed for ultimate performance without compromising filtering capacity or engine protection

Why foam ?

Compared to the paper filters which start loosing airflow performance as soon as dust cover the exterior face , the foam provide 3d filtration and us not a single flat layer but a provide a 3D path for the air to flow around filtered debris.

Our filters are made of 3 different layers of foam ; from light to dense. They trap all the contaminants and airborne dust without compromising the airflow. Furthermore, the performance of our air filter elements is superior to OE or Gauze filters even when extremely dirty!


The stainless steel wire mesh provide a strong core to the air filter element and will last the lifetime of the product. The foam is permanently binded together and will not come apart like a gauze (paper) filter

The combination of Coarse, medium and fine layers of foam provide the best performance and protection for your engine!


Our filters are direct OE replacement, so literally replaces the OE paper filters. They come Pre-oiled, so nothing else to do than drop it in!

When it comes to cleaning just give it a quick warm bath, blow clear and reload the media with filter oil.


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Part number
OE Part number
13727843284, 13727843283