Terms and general conditions


Standard and Legal Compliance

The customer is responsible to ensure the compliance of the update or reprogramming changes with standards and laws applicable with his or her place of residence.  This includes but is not limited to emission standards, noise, security and other applicable car regulations.


Used Parts Warranty

The computers (ECU), transmissions and electronic modules are warranted for a period of 3 month starting on their delivery date.  However, the installation damages in a vehicule or electrical damages cause by electrical mishaps, short-circuit, brown out, circuit overload and water damage caused to the modules are not covered.


New Part Warranty

The new remote key fobs are warranted for 12 month.
The mechanical keys are warranted for 30 days.
Other new parts are warranted for 12 month or 20,000km whichever come first according to the manufacturer specifications. 



No return or reimbursement will be accepted on used parts sold.  Unused new parts that are not consumable or assimilated to consumable will be accepted conditional to a restocking charge of 20%. 

Electronic modules, computers and parts that are custom programmed (specific series number, firmware etc…) can’t be returned for any reason.



Defect parts and component will be replace or repaired at Bimmerpro discretion. A defect part can be replace by a new one, a repaired one or a remanufactured on at Bimmerpro sole discretion.  The part will be warranted for the remaining portion of the original warranty. 
In the case where work is required from Bimmerpro or the manufacturer to perform the warranty replacement, Bimmerpro and the manufacturer reserve the right to designate the contractor or sub-contractor that will perform the work.  Any work related to the replacement must be explicitly authorized by Bimmerpro or the manufacturer before their performance in order to be covered.   The Bimmerpro and manufacturer of the part’s responsibility is limited to the value of the initial purchase price