MSD80 unit
  • MSD80 unit

DME replacement for N54 engines (MSD80)


Replace your defective MSD80 at a low cost

DME: Get part from Bimmerpro's inventory

The MSD80 have a known weakness in their circuits regarding the mosfets that control the injectors. The presence of the codes below indicate an internal failure of the components.

  • 30BA DME digital motor electronics, internal failure

  • 30BB DME digital motor electronics, internal failure

In this situation the car is disabled and will even fail to start in some cases. The recommended solution is to upgrade to the stouter MSD81 ecu which does not have this issue.

We do however offer the option to replace with another MSD80 for a lesser cost. This is not recommended as the MSD80 can fail again due to that internal flaw; Replacement MSD80 only have a 15 days warranty

Another common issue for the MSD80 is to have a defective BSD output. This circuit control  the activation of the water pump, oil sensor and alternator. When this fails the ecu must be replaced.


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