N52 3-Stage intake manifold conversion software
  • N52 3-Stage intake manifold conversion software
  • N52 3-Stage intake manifold conversion software

N52 3-Stage intake manifold conversion software


N52 3 Stage manifold conversion software for increased performance



Exhaust sound

Exhaust Bubles

Exhaust Bubles


Performance tune

BimmerproTUNED PurePower

BimmerproTUNED PurePower

$400.00 $240.00
BimmerproTUNED MAXPower

BimmerproTUNED MAXPower

$500.00 $300.00

The parts required for this conversion are linked below. The complete conversion require the manifold kit + the software conversion

Enhancing the apex of BMW naturally aspirated straight 6.

When designing the N52, BMW last 6 cylinder naturally aspirated engine, the engineers went with the pinnacle of N/A technology.
Featuring Valve valve lift (valvetronic) and a special ram air intake manifold with variable stages, the N52B30 was offered with up to 260hp.

Unfortunately, BMW decided that was too good for us, and in the shadow of the N54 turbo engine and 35i models, they opted to save cost on most N52B30 models by downgrading to a non-active manifold, reducing the power to only up to 218hp in the best cases...

How does it work ?

As the name implies, the manifold has 3 modes for controlling the airflow routing. In combination with valvetronic, which allow for the throttle body to stay fully open with the less pressure drop, the power is maximized across the rev range in a way that is very unusual for a N/A engine.

At low RPM, the in take manifold operate just as any manifold would, the air is split, in a 1-2-6 fashion and mixed with fuel at the valves. Note that both cylinder banks are separated by the 2nd disa valve which is CLOSED


In the mid RPM range, the first DISA valve opens for the resonance tube. The RAM effect generated from the intake valve closing is resonated thru the pipe, pushing air at an higher pressure into the next cylinder in the firing order, greatly increasing the filling of the cylinder.

At the higher rev range, both DISA opens, allowing for the maximum of RAM effect and cross flow between cylinders. Peak power is achieved then.

This is even more obvious in the dyno sheet, as you see the 3 distinctive peaks of each range.

330i conversion dyno sheet

Sparking in the fun, the BimmerproTUNED way.

The team at Bimmerpro bring you back the power that meant to be with our 3 stage manifold conversion programming.
Not stopping there however, we took the time to engineer an upgrade for an extra kick, coming in 2 flavors.

You can therefor enjoy the BMW factory programming with the PurePower, or upgrade to our MaxPower performance tune.

the PUREpower tune is designed for an otherwise stock car, outputting 272hp from the regular 260hp. MAXpower requires the addition of a set of high flow headers, and can output up to 300hp.

Both version come with an unlocked speed limiter and can have the exhaust crackles enabled.


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